Welcome to attenborough naftel

attenborough naftel is a collaborative project between artists Chris Attenborough and Sean Naftel. Both graduates of the Burren College of Art , National University of Ireland, Galway. attenborough naftel has been creating inteventionist installations and events in the USA and in Ireland since 2008. Their installations democratize aesthetics to activate the space, and engage the viewer (often unknowingly) to become a participant. Once known as PEACOCK, attenborough naftel has evolved into a multinational collabortive project, far beyond its early beginings as PEACOCK.

Each piece becomes an entity of its own, unreflective of the installation that came before. Yet running throughout the entire body of work is a mashing of cultures and ideals that comments, provokes, and laughs at communal histories; creating at first a smart ass response, that through further investigation leads to the underbelly of the common threads that exists throughout disparate communities.

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