2012 Peacock D23

About our most recent project.

Attenborough Naftel’s interest in the shared human experience has taken us to block parties and juke joints, winter cabins and art fairs, traveler’s caravans and even to planet Mars. It is now taking us tailgating; a uniquely American pre/post event pastime. Normally centered around sporting events and concerts, the tailgate party, also known as tailgating, is a community building and fortifying event.

Why is it that tailgating isn’t found at other events? Sure you can see the random wedding tailgate party, but why is this idea of like minded people coming together to celebrate a shared event not universally embraced. Attenborough Naftel is looking to change this paradigm and interject tailgating into other social activities.

We have been examining key aspects of tailgating and what makes it such a desirable situation for social gathering. This has led us to also research the ‘man cave’ phenomenon. These two types of situations are closely linked through social practices of eating and drinking and game playing. Both situations are, also, closely linked due to their existence on the near periphery of the ‘main event’. With the man cave this tends to be a separation from the family dwelling. What sets tailgating apart is its connection to a specific cultural event, i.e. Superbowl, baseball game, hockey match, etc. There is no reason why this banding together peers, this camaraderie of people so interesting in one thing shouldn’t do the same before, during and after any major event.


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